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Kibble, Dog Food, Animal Feed – The FDA Finally Cracks Down

by Lorna Ladd 0 Comments
Kibble, Dog Food, Animal Feed – The FDA Finally Cracks Down

After the biggest pet food recall in history, the FDA has finally wised up to contaminated kibble dog food -but are they doing enough? Read on to decide.

The FDA Wises Up to Bad Pet Food

Six years later, the FDA has finally gotten the memo on contaminated, processed kibble dog food and other treats for pets. If you haven’t felt a reason to switch to natural dog food, like the kind we whip up at DOG for DOG, this New York Times article on the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)’s slow move to regulate food for animals might finally get you to see things our way.

First, let’s get you up to speed: in 2007, the biggest pet food recall in history occurred, because Chinese producers disseminated food that contained melamine. This is a compound used in plastics – the last thing you’d ever want to feed your pet. This caused the deaths of countless animals across the US – and got the FDA to notice.

 Their Findings (Not for the Faint of Heart)

Fast forward to six years later, present day, when the FDA finally cracked down and took action. It’s a victory, for sure, but leaves one wondering what else has been present in kibble dog food all these years, or in those Jerky treats you keep around as a snack for your pooch.

Those Jerky treats, it turns out, have received some of the highest levels of backlash. Among other dangers, they’re known to cause Fanconi syndrome, a kidney disease – and account for nearly 600 pet deaths in the past six years. On top of that, all these detrimental food sources are also bad news for humans. Maybe that’s what got the FDA moving in the first place. One hook, though, is that antibiotics for pets – which are found in products like kibble dog food and can also wreak havoc on the people population – are not considered in the FDA’s proposal. So it seems as though these manufactured, and sometimes malformed, food products are not out of the woods yet.

 What Do You Think?

If you’re still not convinced that natural food items are the way to go, you can rest easier knowing that checks on how long the products are cooked will be made mandatory, as will record keeping of these procedures. Don’t think that’s enough? Let the FDA know your thoughts. For three months, they’re listening to the public’s feedback about the new regulations.

How Our Products Help

Whatever your choice is regarding natural or processed kibble dog food, it’s a no brainer that this story supports DOG for DOG’s mission to give one food item to a dog in need for every purchase you make. Sure, you might be making a concerted effort to ensure your pet’s health, but if plastics are found in mainstream food items, who’s to say what the rest of the animal population is eating?

Buy a bag of healthy DOGSFOOD from DOG for DOG to ensure a good meal for your pet. For each bag you buy, we donate an equal amount to a local pet shelter or rescue organization. With the purchase of any DOG for DOG item, you play an active role in improving the lives of dogs everywhere. Make the world a better place with us!

A Super Easy Way to Help Dogs in Need

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A Super Easy Way to Help Dogs in Need

Ever since the 2008 crash and recession – and the advent of the sluggish economy that followed –dogs everywhere have been having an especially rough time. Owners who can’t take care of their dogs anymore drop them off at shelters or even abandon them. Many owners that are having economic trouble are increasingly unable to afford vet bills and food costs. Animal shelters themselves are overcrowded and lack the resources to take care of all their dogs, and when they try to find homes for their dogs, they often come up short of takers.

Serious Problems

One of the most serious problems that shelters face is the high cost of feeding all of those dogs. The high food costs and resultant shortages force many shelters to take drastic measures, such as euthanizing dogs that they can’t take care of. Even PETA has come under fire for practices such as these in their shelters. It seems cruel and unnecessary that so many good dogs’ lives have to be extinguished because of a shortage of food and the inability to pay, but that is the reality that many shelters are facing. Luckily,there is a way for dog owners everywhere to pitch in and help.

Is there anything that can be done to help these dogs in need? Fortunately, there is.

At DOG for DOG, we are painfully aware of the situation of dogs in need. One of the main reasons we started our company was to do something about the dire situation of dogs in animal shelters around the country. We started the DOG for DOG movement, so we could unite dog lovers and help donate dog food to dogs in need.

It is easy to do your part.

All you have to do is buy a bag of delicious grain-free DOGSFOOD for your dog, and we donate a bag of DOGSFOOD  to a trusted animal shelter in need. It is that simple! Switch to our nutritious dog food formulations, and you can help dogs in need every time you restock. Our dog food is made up of high-quality meat-based ingredients, such as chicken, pork, ocean fish, lamb, various anti- oxidants and omega fatty acids, various fruits and vegetables, brown rice, and much more.

You can keep your dog happily fed and healthy while getting much-needed dog food to dogs who need it most. One of the best things you can do for pups in need is donate dog food to resource-stricken dog shelters that can take care of them. Buy your first bag of grain free dog food today, and we will donate DOGSFOOD to go towards taking care of the pups that really need it. Let DOG for DOG take the work out of the equation. Feed your dog better, and we’ll feed one in need!


Dog Food Stores with Heart

by Lorna Ladd
Dog Food Stores with Heart

You’ve got your dog’s back and he’s got yours, but unfortunately, not all dogs are so lucky. Millions of dogs roam the streets unsheltered, abused or alone. It’s not enough to pass by and feel a pang of sorrow for these helpless creatures. There is something we can do, and no contribution is too small.

Luckily, there is a resilient group of dog food stores that go the extra mile when it comes to fighting this cause. These dog food stores’ contributions, while sometimes slight, can mean all the world of difference in battling the abandonment and abuse of innocent dogs. While it may seem there is not much to be done singlehandedly to make a difference in the lives of these canines, we can certainly each do a small part that, as a whole, paves the way for new protectors for our furry friends.

In addition to adopting from shelters in lieu of purchasing pups from pet stores, make a commitment to shopping at outlets that contribute money and donations to dogs in need. Whether shopping for an adorable Halloween costume or simple necessities like pee pads, consider purchasing from dog food stores that use their pet power for the greater good.

The Animal Rescue Site

The Animal Rescue Site is a wonderful resource for pet gifts and supplies. Each item purchased provides at least 14 bowls of food for hungry animals. Benefiting charities like Foundation, Rescue Bank and IFAW, The Animal Rescue Site has provided 492 million bowls of food for shelter animals in need. While there are a large number of dog food stores that make charitable contributions, the sheer number of dogs fed through this initiative speaks volumes of its success and standing mission to improve the lives of dogs.


With more than $111 million donated, PetCo’s commitment to raising money has had a significant impact on the improvement of the lives of over 3.6 million dogs and their caring owners. In addition to their fundraising efforts, PetCo’s mission of providing a higher quality of life for dogs through education proves indispensable in this fight. As one of the many vendors of DOG for DOG, Pet Co supports and unifies our company’s promise to donate one bag of dog food for every bag sold, providing necessary nourishment to thousands of hungry animals. With over 85% of every dollar directly supporting animals in need, purchasing pet goods from this store will undoubtedly bring our mission one step closer to fruition.

DOG for DOG Cares

DOG for DOG takes pride in our efforts to help dogs in need, and we applaud the efforts of those that stand by us in contributing to the betterment of animals’ lives. Shop at dog food stores with heart. Shop DOG for DOG.