DOG for DOG is a movement to help as many dogs as possible. With every purchase DOG for DOG gives an equal amount of food to dogs in need.

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Post Your Paws For A Cause!

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UPDATE: We were so blown away by your support that our #DOGforDOGpaws campaign is now running for the entire month of June! Each week, we’ll donate a meal to a dog in need for every Instagram photo of your pup’s paws. Just be sure to add the tag #DOGforDOGpaws, so we can find you!

On Wednesday May 27th, we challenged our Instagram dog friends to post a pic of their paws, and in exchange DOG for DOG would donate a meal to a dog in need. We thought this would be fun, but we never thought this would be called “the next ice bucket challenge”!

When our friends at The BarkPost posted about our campaign, and was their first piece of content to make to trend on Facebook, after being shared over 55,000 times! And by the end of the first week, nearly 35,000 tiny, large, spotted, painted dog paws were tagged #DOGforDOGpaws promoting this campaign.

As the campaign came to a close on June 2nd, paw pics were popping up in our Instagram feed at a steady rate. Dog parents were just too excited about this campaign, so we decided to restructure the promotion, and allow those who were just finding out about #DOGforDOGpaws to be able to join our mission.

How can you get your pup’s paws involved? Post an Instagram photo of your pup’s paws before midnight on Monday, each week in June, to have it counted towards that week’s 1,000 meal donation! Remember to add the hashtag #DOGforDOGpaws, and DOG for DOG will donate a meal to a shelter dog. Keep an eye on our own Instagram account, we’ll have exciting #DOGforDOGpaw updates and news to bring to you every week! Let’s get those paws the air! 

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The Fine Paw Print:
When do I have to post? One photo per Instagram user, per day. So post daily if you like! Each week, DOG for DOG will donate 1 meal for every pup paw on Instagram tagged #DOGforDOGpaws, up to 1,000 meals a week. Promotion ends June 30, 2015 at 11:59pm.

Do they have to be DOG paws? Uh, if you can fool us, then fine, we’ll count them. But we do know the difference between turtle feet and dog feet. (We’re lookin’ at you Rocket Larry.)

Where will the meals go? DOG for DOG donates to rescues and shelters like Villalobos Rescue Center, helping keep shelter dogs full and healthy with premium DOGSFOOD. If Villalobos can get every bowl of food donated, they save more than $300k a year! When a group like this can put their funds towards operating costs, like kennel upkeep, staff salaries, and vet bills, they can save more dogs.

How can I help even more dogs? (We know you’re wondering!) Just buy a bag of natural, made in the USA DOGSFOOD™ on and an equal amount of food will be donated Villalobos Rescue Sanctuary. Join the movement and help us feed dogs in need.

A Brief History of Dog Rescue: How People Started Saving Man’s Best Friend

by Lorna Ladd 1 Comment

The way people view pets has changed dramatically over time. Today, many pet owners are proud to pamper their fur babies with high-end grooming, engaging toys, and adorable outfits.

rescue dogs

On top of that, dog rescue is bigger than ever, with people all over the globe working hard to save animals in need. Whether it’s a chained dog outside in the cold or a pup in a shelter who was previously abused, there are millions of dogs in need of rescue, and people who are willing to step in, foster, rehabilitate, and adopt these animals.

But this wasn’t always the case.

How Did the Dog Rescue Movement Begin?

  • 1824: The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is formed in Britain, giving birth to an organized welfare group for dogs. This sets the foundation for a shift in people’s perspective about dogs.
  • 1866: The SPCA makes its way to the US. Henry Bergh forms the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Most people ridicule and oppose him, or simply show indifference towards animal welfare, but the ASPCA continues to grow.
  • 1869: The very first official animal shelter in the country is formed by the Women’s SPCA of Pennsylvania.
  • 1877: The American Humane Association is formed.
  • 1954: The Humane Society of the United States is formed.
  • 1960s and 1970s: Private animal shelters are formed in addition to the municipal ones available in an effort to bring in strays and find them homes. Public opinion about strays starts to shift and people begin to view them as potential pets rather than public health hazards.

Today’s Statistics

Now that you know a bit about the overall history of the animal rescue movement, you may be really happy to be living in the 21st century. But let’s take a look at what still needs to be done to save more dogs.

The Good News:

The good news is that euthanasia rates are down, even though there’s still a lot of work to do.

Whereas the number of cats and dogs euthanized in shelters annually used to be anywhere from 12-20 million, the number has dropped to 3-4 million.

That’s thanks to groups who come in and rescue dogs before they’re put down, as well as more pet owners choosing to adopt rather than shop for their new canine companions.

The Bad News:

The sad news is that about 2.7 million healthy pets never get adopted every year. This is out of the 6-8 million dogs and cats that enter shelters annually.

So even though we’ve made tremendous strides in how people view strays, in the number of dogs adopted, and in the laws created to protect dogs, millions of perfectly loveable canines are needlessly put down, and that’s just in the US.

Adopt, Don’t Shop!

dog adoption

Many pet owners want a purebred dog, and they think that the only place to get a purebred is from a pet shop or directly from a breeder.

But the truth is that about 25% of the dogs that are in shelters are actually purebreds, so people are encouraged to adopt even if they’re looking for a particular breed.

There are thousands of independently operated private shelters and rescue groups all over the country. Some focus solely upon housing animals until they’re adopted (following a no-kill policy), while others run foster networks without a physical shelter.

The focus today continues to be on educating the public on the importance of adopting dogs. It’s also on the number of dogs who are in shelters, as well as those who are euthanized because they aren’t adopted in time. With outreach, advocacy, and a solid group of dedicated volunteers, animal rescuers are making a difference.

So if you’re planning on bringing a dog into your family to be your forever friend, check out the many local rescue groups and shelters in your area—and around the country—to find a doggie in need who will love you unconditionally.

Or, if you already have a dog, then support products and businesses that support dog rescue. DOG for DOG makes all natural food and treats that dogs love. But the best part is that for every item you buy, a meal is donated to a dog in need. You have to buy food for your dog anyway, why not choose a brand that feeds a less fortunate dog as well?


Five Reasons Why Donating Dog Food to a Shelter Makes a Difference

by Lorna Ladd 1 Comment

DOG for DOG has one mission: to feed as many shelter dogs as possible! Here are five reasons why we think feeding shelter dogs makes a huge difference.

dog for dog  foods
DOG for DOG and PetSmart: Help us keep Villalobos Rescue Center’s dogs fed + healthy with another 10k pound dog food drop! When you purchase DOGSFOOD from PetSmart, we donate the same amount to Villalobos Rescue Center.

1. To Helping a Rescue Stay in ‘Business’

Not so fun fact: Villalobos Rescue Center (most well known as the team behind Pit Bulls and Parolees) feeds their 250 rescue dogs 700 pounds of food every single day. That’s over $300,000 of dog food a year. If Villalobos can get every bowl of food donated, that’s $300k they can save and put towards operating costs, like kennel upkeep, staff salaries, and vet bills.

Dog rescue
Image by Badass Animal Rescue

2. Keep Shelter Dogs Healthy

Sometimes shelters do get donations of dog food from community members or companies – sometimes this is expired food, or food that is not made in the USA, lower quality and not as healthy. Rescue dogs, more than any other dogs, need to be nourished! Their immune systems are constantly under attack. Stress from being in a new environment can also hurt their immune systems, so having high quality, natural dog food is ideal!

3. Keep Dogs Out of the Shelter

Some shelters have a shelter prevention program and assist dog owners in financial crisis who may think surrendering their animal is the only option. Donations of food and basic supplies can be the difference between a dog safe in his home and one left by a loving family in a shelter.

4. Gives a Dog a Chance to Meet the Right Family

dog shelter
Super “Monster’ Penny The Pit Bull rockin’ a I’m Not a Monster hoodie

Imelda Suriato from I’m Not a Monster, works her tail off (pardon the pun) every year to raise donations for shelters across the US over the holiday season. Why? She says, “One bag of food means a dog has a full belly, is vetted to stay healthy, gets socialized and also gets to meet prospective families. It is a mighty bag of food because it saves and makes lives.”

saving dogs lives

5. It’s a constant reminder to do good.

When you buy your pup their dog food and drop a bag off at a pet food bank, OR even easier, switch your dog food over to DOGSFOOD, every time you pour your pup a bowl, you know you’re also pouring a bowl for a shelter dog. There are little things we can do on a daily basis that really do make a difference in the lives of others. And the good you do rubs off on others! Not only will a rescue know that you have their back, your community will feel it, too.


Help Feed the Dogs of Villalobos Rescue Center

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villalobos brick dogfordog

Need to buy some dog food? Why not choose DOGSFOOD from DOG for DOG?

Today, when you buy a bag from, Villalobos Rescue Center will receive a matching donation of food from DOG for DOG!

In addition, later this month DOG for DOG will be donating even more food to this truly awesome rescue group. 10,000 pounds will be delivered to feed hungry dogs, which really makes such a huge difference to rescue groups which are often struggling to make ends meet.

During 2015 alone, DOG for DOG has donated over 60,000 pounds of food.
dogsfood and check

Join the Movement & Help Us Spread the Word!

The number of dogs in shelters is growing daily to the point of over crowding and sadly, dogs are suffering from a lack of proper nutrition and care. It’s our mission at DOG for DOG to feed as many shelter dogs as possible!

Here’s how it works: You buy a bag of our food or treats, and we give a meal to a dog in need. You have to feed your dog anyway, right? So why not choose healthy food and treats that also give back? All of DOG for DOG’s food and treats are made in the USA using only high-quality meats, fruits and vegetables. Want to learn more? Sign up to receive information about our mission and products here:

Follow this link to feed the dogs of Villalobos Rescue Center!


Found Animals Gala

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Found Animals Gala

On Saturday, November 1, 2014 I was presented with an award from at the Found Animals Gala honoring the work that I am doing with DOG for DOG. Winning this award from Found Animals Foundation is something I will always cherish.  I can’t thank Dr. Gary and Alya Michelson, Aimee Gilbreath and everyone else at Found Animal Foundation enough for taking the time to honor me.  What really made me have to stop and catch my breath is the sincerity of this team that, at the end of  the day, really is the one deserving of all the honor.  They are truly making a difference in the lives of millions of pets and people.

When I started DOG for DOG it was based behind the belief that people are naturally good.  Groups like Found Animals simply reinforce this belief.

What really humbles me about all of this is the circle of people coming together to impact our world.  If you could only see my team and how hard they have worked from day one to make sure DOG for DOG could become a sustainable way to help pets.  If you could only see the volunteers that save abused, hungry, and scared animals.  If you could only see how many of our loyal followers feed and treat their pets DOG for DOG religiously so the donation items can go to help pets.  If you could see all of this like I do, you would wake up every day knowing that as long as there are passionate people like this, like YOU, we will find a way.

So thank you Found Animals Foundation and every single person that has ever taken even a small action to help an animals in a very big way!

I can’t implore you enough to simply take a small step and get involved with the Found Animals Foundation.  Go now and check them out…

-Rocky Kanaka


Rocky Kanaka accepting Found Animals awards from Ron Galperin, current Controller for the City of Los Angeles


Rocky Kanaka, Found Animals Director, Aimee Gilbreath, and Found Animals Founder, Dr. Gary Michelson


DOG for DOG Team (left to right): Sara Nishikawa, Kelly Hannaford, Rocky Kanaka, Dakota Dunn and Michael Bateman



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As a company with the mission to help dogs is need, we spend A LOT of time with shelters and rescue groups.  In that, we devote a significant amount of time making sure we better understand their needs so we can find ways to support them in their life saving efforts. We will forever be a company that learns and adapts in order to help with the problem of pet overpopulation and to promote education amongst the animal rescue community. One very important thing that continually rises to the surface is healthy all natural dog food is not just a want; it is a NEED!

Therefore I am excited to let you know that in our continued efforts to be a company that feeds dogs in need we, have made an update to our giving model.  Now for every DOG for DOG item that you purchase, we will donate that same amount in FOOD to a dog in need.

What does that mean exactly? It means that if you purchase a 14lb bag of DOGSFOOD w/Lamb & Brown Rice, then we will donate 14lbs of food. If you purchase a 7oz bag of DOGSTREAT Mini w/ Duck, we will donate 7oz of food. These donations of food are totaled together at the end of each quarter and make a huge impact for the rescues that are receiving them.

What food is being donated? All “donation food” is our award winning DOGSFOOD w/Pork & Brown Rice, so rescue and shelter dogs will receive the same high-quality, all natural dog food that you are feeding to your dogs!

While we already donate food when you purchase food we will now donate food when you purchase any of our items such treats or a t-shirt.  When you pick up a bag of our treats you may notice it says we donate treats for every bag sold.  While the transition will start occurring on our packaging, know that now when you buy a bag of DOGSTREATs, jar of DOGSBUTTER or any other DOG for DOG product, we will be FEEDING dogs in need!

As always, we thank you for your support and look forward to our continued effort to help dogs in need.



Rocky Kanaka

President and Founder

Dog Food Stores with Heart

by Lorna Ladd
Dog Food Stores with Heart

You’ve got your dog’s back and he’s got yours, but unfortunately, not all dogs are so lucky. Millions of dogs roam the streets unsheltered, abused or alone. It’s not enough to pass by and feel a pang of sorrow for these helpless creatures. There is something we can do, and no contribution is too small.

Luckily, there is a resilient group of dog food stores that go the extra mile when it comes to fighting this cause. These dog food stores’ contributions, while sometimes slight, can mean all the world of difference in battling the abandonment and abuse of innocent dogs. While it may seem there is not much to be done singlehandedly to make a difference in the lives of these canines, we can certainly each do a small part that, as a whole, paves the way for new protectors for our furry friends.

In addition to adopting from shelters in lieu of purchasing pups from pet stores, make a commitment to shopping at outlets that contribute money and donations to dogs in need. Whether shopping for an adorable Halloween costume or simple necessities like pee pads, consider purchasing from dog food stores that use their pet power for the greater good.

The Animal Rescue Site

The Animal Rescue Site is a wonderful resource for pet gifts and supplies. Each item purchased provides at least 14 bowls of food for hungry animals. Benefiting charities like Foundation, Rescue Bank and IFAW, The Animal Rescue Site has provided 492 million bowls of food for shelter animals in need. While there are a large number of dog food stores that make charitable contributions, the sheer number of dogs fed through this initiative speaks volumes of its success and standing mission to improve the lives of dogs.


With more than $111 million donated, PetCo’s commitment to raising money has had a significant impact on the improvement of the lives of over 3.6 million dogs and their caring owners. In addition to their fundraising efforts, PetCo’s mission of providing a higher quality of life for dogs through education proves indispensable in this fight. As one of the many vendors of DOG for DOG, Pet Co supports and unifies our company’s promise to donate one bag of dog food for every bag sold, providing necessary nourishment to thousands of hungry animals. With over 85% of every dollar directly supporting animals in need, purchasing pet goods from this store will undoubtedly bring our mission one step closer to fruition.

DOG for DOG Cares

DOG for DOG takes pride in our efforts to help dogs in need, and we applaud the efforts of those that stand by us in contributing to the betterment of animals’ lives. Shop at dog food stores with heart. Shop DOG for DOG.