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Pet Food Blog: Your Pup and Holiday Leftovers – The Do’s and Dont’s

by Lorna Ladd
Pet Food Blog: Your Pup and Holiday Leftovers – The Do’s and Dont’s

You’re not alone if your dog begs for table food leftovers ─ most do. Saying no to those puppy eyes can be a challenge, but sometimes it’s necessary. The pet food blog post, “Pet Advice: Do’s and Don’ts with the Leftover Holiday Foods,” in the Gaston Gazette notes the importance of not giving into all your dog’s requests.

Human food does not always sit well in a dog’s stomach. In fact, some foods can actually cause your four-legged friend to become ill. Many veterinarians see a huge increase in food-related illnesses in dogs during the holiday season, says the pet food blog post. While some table scraps are perfectly acceptable for dog consumption in moderation, others are not.

Adding bits and pieces of meat to your dog’s food ─ such as turkey, prime rib, and ham ─ is typically fine, although if your dog has a sensitive stomach, you may want to think twice. Vegetables, such as green beans are usually safe, while others, such as corn, aren’t the best idea, as it’s difficult for pooches to digest, explains the pet food blog post. It’s also typically fine to feed your pooch whole cranberries, cooked pumpkin or squash, plain soups, broths, and gravy.

Grapes and onions can be toxic, so avoid feeding them to your dog at all costs. Also steer clear of cooked bones. Never let your dog chew on these as they present multiple hazards. It’s perfectly fine to give them a taste of pure diced sweet potatoes and skinned white potatoes, but be sure there’s no skin left on the latter. Other food to keep away from your dog include cranberry sauce, stuffing, dressing, chocolate, and other candy, notes the pet food blog post.

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