Our Five Favorite Dog Hacks to Keep Your Bored Dog Busy

Our Five Favorite Dog Hacks to Keep Your Bored Dog Busy

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Have a bored dog on your hands? Here are five of our favorite dog hacks to keep a bored pup entertained and out of your hair!

1. Foster Parent Crafts Amazing Puppy Playpen

Check out this video we shared on our Facebook page. We love how this foster is keeping this pack of wiley puppies busy!

2. Keep ’em busy and cool by stuffing a hollow bone with DOGSBUTTER and popping it in the freezer!

Photo (and idea) from @Mack_the_Bully

3. Repurpose empty bottles (and slow down mealtime) with this little handmade gadget!

By Bella the Malinois

4. Hide and seek with tiny treats!

This game helps your dog practice two skills: stay & nose work! Get them to sit and stay in their bed. Depending on your dog, you can have them watch you “hide” training treats around the room, or go into the next room. With my dog, I simply place the treats on windowsills, low tables, in the middle of the floor – that’s enough of a challenge for him. He’s a bit of a goober. When you’re ready, say, “Go get ’em!” and let your dog out of their ‘stay’. You may have to point out the first treat or two, but they’ll get the hang of this pretty fast!

5. Make Your Own Brain Game

Super quick & fun little hack! Check out this video.

Have a hack of your own to share? We’d love to hear it! Send it our way :)

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