DOG for DOG is a movement to help as many dogs as possible. With every purchase DOG for DOG gives an equal amount of food to dogs in need.

Villalobos Rescue Center Wins Feed A Shelter Campaign!

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Click HERE to purchase DOG for DOG, and have Villalobos Rescue Center receive the donated item(s) from your purchase!! Use code: VRC at check out in the “How Did You Hear About Us” box.

Villalobos Rescue Center (VRC) was voted by YOU as the winner of DOG for DOG’s Feed A Shelter campaign to feed a shelter for an entire year! We took to social media in the Spring of 2014 to ask our fans to nominate a shelter or rescue that they would like to see receive free DOGSFOOD for an entire year! After an overwhelming amount of nominations and daily voting, Villalobos Rescue Center was named the grand prize winner!!

Above is footage of the first donation of over 35,000 lbs of DOGSFOOD and treats, made on August 20, 2014. DOG for DOG will be donating 100,000 lbs of food over the course of the next year, but even though that sounds like a lot of food, it realistically will only feed the dogs at VRC for a less than a year. After that, they will go back to purchasing their own food and absorbing the funds that could be used to pay for Vet care or bring in more dogs.

We are asking for your help to keep VRC dogs fed buy purchasing DOG for DOG products from our website and using the code: VRC in the “How Did You Hear About Us” box at check out! All donations from orders using that code will go directly to the rescue group!

With your help, we can help feed VRC dogs for a lifetime!

Kibble, Dog Food, Animal Feed – The FDA Finally Cracks Down

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Kibble, Dog Food, Animal Feed – The FDA Finally Cracks Down

After the biggest pet food recall in history, the FDA has finally wised up to contaminated kibble dog food -but are they doing enough? Read on to decide.

The FDA Wises Up to Bad Pet Food

Six years later, the FDA has finally gotten the memo on contaminated, processed kibble dog food and other treats for pets. If you haven’t felt a reason to switch to natural dog food, like the kind we whip up at DOG for DOG, this New York Times article on the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)’s slow move to regulate food for animals might finally get you to see things our way.

First, let’s get you up to speed: in 2007, the biggest pet food recall in history occurred, because Chinese producers disseminated food that contained melamine. This is a compound used in plastics – the last thing you’d ever want to feed your pet. This caused the deaths of countless animals across the US – and got the FDA to notice.

 Their Findings (Not for the Faint of Heart)

Fast forward to six years later, present day, when the FDA finally cracked down and took action. It’s a victory, for sure, but leaves one wondering what else has been present in kibble dog food all these years, or in those Jerky treats you keep around as a snack for your pooch.

Those Jerky treats, it turns out, have received some of the highest levels of backlash. Among other dangers, they’re known to cause Fanconi syndrome, a kidney disease – and account for nearly 600 pet deaths in the past six years. On top of that, all these detrimental food sources are also bad news for humans. Maybe that’s what got the FDA moving in the first place. One hook, though, is that antibiotics for pets – which are found in products like kibble dog food and can also wreak havoc on the people population – are not considered in the FDA’s proposal. So it seems as though these manufactured, and sometimes malformed, food products are not out of the woods yet.

 What Do You Think?

If you’re still not convinced that natural food items are the way to go, you can rest easier knowing that checks on how long the products are cooked will be made mandatory, as will record keeping of these procedures. Don’t think that’s enough? Let the FDA know your thoughts. For three months, they’re listening to the public’s feedback about the new regulations.

How Our Products Help

Whatever your choice is regarding natural or processed kibble dog food, it’s a no brainer that this story supports DOG for DOG’s mission to give one food item to a dog in need for every purchase you make. Sure, you might be making a concerted effort to ensure your pet’s health, but if plastics are found in mainstream food items, who’s to say what the rest of the animal population is eating?

Buy a bag of healthy DOGSFOOD from DOG for DOG to ensure a good meal for your pet. For each bag you buy, we donate an equal amount to a local pet shelter or rescue organization. With the purchase of any DOG for DOG item, you play an active role in improving the lives of dogs everywhere. Make the world a better place with us!

No Wheat Dog Food: Why Pet Owners Spend Big

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No Wheat Dog Food: Why Pet Owners Spend Big


Man’s best friend is getting a crack at the good stuff now that their companions have shown an interest in all natural, no wheat dog food, and companies are more than happy to comply.

Good Food and Good Will

Online stores like DOG for DOG are feeding canines the good stuff and are giving plenty of goodwill as a side dish. DOG for DOG also donates a bag of dog food to a rescue organization for every bag of dog food purchased. While it is their mission to help dogs in need, they aren’t alone in offering no wheat dog food. Many are clamoring to sell similar fare to a growing customer base that is increasingly health conscious not only for themselves, but for every member of their families. And that includes

Better Ingredients for a Better Life

But why are customers shelling out extra bucks to ensure their dogs are getting all natural, no wheat dog food? According to a recent article featured on the Christian Science Monitor, it has to do with a tendency to humanize pets. In the wake of studies linking human health to diet, and ill health to pesticides and processed foods, people are also more conscious of what they Considering the ingredient list in many conventional dog foods, it’s not hard to see why they’d choose a healthier product for their loved ones. Animal by-products like hooves, guts and other possibly diseased parts, agricultural leftovers consisting of grains unfit for human consumption, and plenty of other unsavory bits are routine fare in dog food.

While research has shown that eating a diet rich in nutrients can stave off illnesses and cancers, the same could be true for canines, who share a similar diet to humans and who also suffer a host of ailments that could possibly be improved or prevented by eating right, from arthritis to

Grain Free Dog Food

For example, DOG for DOG corn, soy, and wheat free dog food contains items that sound familiar and even appetizing to people. An Ocean Fish/Salmon combo called DOGSFOOD is a grain- free blend consisting of  fish, and fruits and veggies like blueberries, apples, beets and spinach. It even boasts of flax seeds, which contain omega fatty acids, as well as probiotics (good bacteria that aids in digestion). By doling out the bucks now, consumers might actually be saving money on vet visits later if the hype about all natural, wheat free dog food is true. And a healthier, happier Fido is reason enough for many pet owners.

It appears that the emphasis on well-being by way of nutrition that’s sweeping the nation of consumers is now being extended to the animal kingdom. When it comes to healthy eating, man’s best friend may be the leader of the pack.

Thank You!!

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Thank You!!

First and foremost, I want to highlight how amazing you all are! I am truly encouraged and inspired by every single one of you for joining in to help our “Feed A Shelter” for a year campaign!  When we made a commitment to reach our goal and donate 100,000 pounds of food, I never could have imagined just how involved and caring so many of you could be.  From the bottom of my heart thank you for your involvement. 

 Now let’s make some real changes. Below are pictures of those getting involved and nominating their shelter. Share with all of your friends; nominate a shelter and then smile because you just helped make a difference.

– Rocky Kanaka, Founder & President  

Snoop. Feed a Shelter

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Demarcus Cousins Teams up With DOG for DOG

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Demarcus Cousins Teams up With DOG for DOG

Demarcus Cousins always felt like the underdog and now he wants to help dogs in need. Teaming up with DOG for DOG, Cousins donated 700 lbs of our DOGSFOOD to The Front Street Shelter in Sacramento, CA.

Cousins, of the Sacramento Kings, has three dogs of his own; Gotti, Sosa & Capone, who are loved, spoiled and an important part of home. Upon learning the good that the shelters in his area are doing, Cousins wanted to be a part of the solution. He approached DOG for DOG looking for ways to help dogs in need and we were enthusiastic to be a part of the giving.

Check out the video below from #REALDMC to see Demarcus Cousins and (@boogiecousins) Rocky Kanaka (@rockykanaka) working with Front Street Shelter to help dogs in need!


by DOG for DOG Team

We are pleased to announce that DOGSGOOD won BEST IN SHOW at the New Product Showcase from the 2014 Global Pet Expo!! This is the highest award that can be won in the pet industry!

DOGSFOOD is all natural, packed with fruits and vegetables, probiotics, amino acids and contains multiple protein sources. And DOGSFOOD is extruded NOT baked to ensure the maximum amount of nutrients and vitamins. DOGSFOOD is available in Grain Free with Ocean Fish, Pork & Brown Rice and New Zealand Lamb. And the best part is that for every bag purchased we give a bag to a dog in need. In 2013 we gave 52,000 pounds to shelters!



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Guest Blogger: Marley’s Mutts


By Zach Skow

I have rescued dogs that have been shot, stabbed, set on fire, beaten and starved within an inch of their lives. They all have amazing stories and have all survived to thrive! Our most recent harrowing story belongs to Shadow, whose name speaks of her dark past but also her undying loyalty.

Shadow’s Story begins with a phone call on December 5th from Officer Ashley of Kern County Animal Services. The tone in her voice was ominous and distressing. She told me that hikers had found 3 large dogs stuffed into a single-dog-crate, way off the beaten path, in the foothills above Ridgecrest. One dog was clearly dead and frozen, and the two survivors where injured but alive. The only clues as to their origin were from anonymous tire tracks that led away from the scene. Temperatures had neared single digits the previous night and we weren’t sure how long they had been out there, therefore it wasn’t clear if the deceased dog had frozen to death, died from exposure or succumbed to other injuries.

Ashley asked for us to help save them, we of course obliged and met the two dogs the following day at the Lake Isabella Animal Shelter. The shelter staff had given them new names– Shadow (girl) and Clancy (boy)– but they needed new everything: new confidence, renewed faith, new love, new lives. Their transformation and renaissance began that day at the shelter. The dogs had shown some fear aggression, and aside from that were virtually petrified. Each of them had sustained serious injury, both mental and physical, which had obviously created a posttraumatic stress disorder scenario. Their souls had nearly been sucked from their bodies and they needed an infusion of confidence, which could only be delivered by a Pack Leader, someone with confidence who, leading by example, would show them that they had nothing to fear. I would become their pack leader and with some simple leash training techniques, would allow them to shed their fear and look upon life with a sense of comfort. Neither of those dogs wanted to budge from their kennels and were poised to strike. I treat their growls as simple noise and their body language as impotent posturing. My goal is to get a leash around their neck as quickly as is safe and pull them out of the kennel with authority: they will not go on their own accord and giving them treats to try coax them and soften the situation not only didn’t work but got the other dogs riled-up.  Once the leash is in place we turn and go—it’s that simple. We don’t walk but trudge with the dog moving at our pace regardless. Trudging is to walk with purpose and with this simple demonstration of confidence in direction; the dogs begin to let down their guard and see the world again for the first time! Trudging with a dog is a crucial first step towards liberating a dog from fear. By dominating the situation with my confident body language, steadfast and deliberate movements and “won’t take no for an answer” attitude, it was just a matter of time before they were walking on a leash and had sense of freedom without fear, even love.

The next step was to load up in the Motor City Mutt Mobile and make our way to San Joaquin Veterinary Hospital (SVH) to have the dogs examined. San Joaquin is a critical ally in this fight for several reasons, not the least of which is that we can show up at virtually anytime during business hours and see our dogs immediately. Doc Willis determined that the wounds were superficial, not life threatening but took an x-ray of Clancy just to be sure. X-rays were clear and our pups would heal for a few days at San Joaquin before coming to the rescue for rehab. The staff at San Joaquin, led by our pal Andrea Bertolucci, knew exactly how to care for dogs that are going through a both physical and mental rehab. If we were to take Shadow and Clancy from the kennels of the shelter to the kennels of the vet and leave it at that, they could regress and even get socially more uncomfortable and potentially dangerous. At SJVH they receive a level of care that allows them to heal mentally, physically and even socially and that makes all of the difference! Both dogs continued to improve and were then ready for their transition to the rescue. Shadow came to live with me and Clancy at a foster home up the street. Shadow became, well, my shadow and there wasn’t much that we didn’t do together! We are training to run the Chicago Marathon again and Shadow routinely accompanied me on 4-5 miles jaunts.

After being my Shadow for nearly two months, our girl was adopted by a wonderful man named Robbie and his Mom, Lisa. This was an especially magical pairing because Robbie was from the same age as me, from the same neighborhood as me but had recently been released from prison after 12 years of incarceration. A reformed and gentle soul, Robbie was looking for a friend with whom he could continue his own spiritual rehabilitation. He found his soul mate in Shadow and she found the same in him. Both Robbie and Shadow needed help adjusting to a world that is scary and daunting but together it was all-possible. Undoubtedly, these two would walk a peaceful path together, back into a world that once had shown them only violence.

After a few weeks of blissful bonding between Robbie and Shadow, Robbie called me, and with controlled panic in his voice said, “Bro, I don’t know what to do. Shadow is coughing up blood.” We immediately sent Shadow to the hospital for x-rays and blood work. The x-rays revealed what none of us could imagine: Shadow had been shot some months earlier and had a large caliber bullet lodged in her chest. When the following morning came and her condition had worsened, the Mutt Militia kicked it into high gear! Holly and Rick – a couple of our most dedicated foster parents – volunteered to fly Shadow from Lake Isabella to as near to LA as possible, while I reached far and wide over the phone. I was referred to a hospital that is primed to deal with the kind of extremely specialized emergency surgery Shadow would need, albeit incredibly expensive. We got a page up and running, plastered it all over the social-mediasphere,  and generous pledges from across the globe started  pouring in. I was en route to Bakersfield from down South, and so flipped U-turn after the Grapevine and headed to Agua Dulce Airport. I met Holly, Rick and Shadow on the tarmac, swapped our burned puppy, Chance, for Shadow, and hit the road at the speed of life! Less than 45 minutes later, we arrived at VCA All Care Animal Hospital in West Los Angeles, where our brave girl would be seen by a leading specialist who was well qualified to help save her life. And by early the next morning, she and her team had removed a .40 caliber slug from Shadow’s body, along with one of the lobes of her lung.

Against all odds, including a severe bleed during surgery, Shadow survived!!! We needed to raise nearly 15k which seemed at first to be folly, or at least unattainable, but astonishingly we raised nearly 10k in a just a few days! Kern County stepped up the most (as usual) sending in donations from over 200 people. Shadow’s story reached far and wide as donations poured in from over a dozen states and a handful of countries.

Shadow is home now with Robbie and on the mend. She will make a full recovery and both she and Robbie will help us give back by touring Kern County and telling their story. We can tolerate these atrocities if we make effort to learn from them and to teach about them. If you are interested in being a part of the Mutt Militia, please visit and fill out a volunteer application.

Click here to help shadow and Marley’s Mutts:


The Best Dry Food for Small Dogs

by Lorna Ladd
The Best Dry Food for Small Dogs

It can be difficult to determine the best dry food for small dogs, especially for new pet owners trying to get their dog settled into a routine.

Every dog has different needs, so you can’t use the general guidelines given on pet food containers to determine what’s best for your small dog. The size, breed, age, activity level, and ideal weight of the dog all play a major role in its diet.

It’s best to talk to your vet about the best dry food for small dogs and how much to feed your dog each day, as this is different with each pet. Your vet can also help you choose a type of food that may help prevent your dog from certain diseases. Your vet can also help you determine the number of calories your dog needs to consume each day, but most pet food labels do not provide information on calories. It’s important to contact the manufacturer to obtain this information, so you know the proper amount to feed your dog.

Also, choose a brand of dry dog food that is AFFCO certified for all life stages. Don’t let labels containing words like “gourmet” and “premium” sway you, as these are just fancy words not actually representative of ingredients in the bag.

Switching Dog Food

If you feel like you’re not feeding your furry friend the best dry food for small dogs and you want to switch brands, be sure to do so gradually. Give your dog a mixture of 75% old food and 25% new food for a few days, then a half-and-half mixture for a few days, then mix 75% old with 25% new for a few days, until finally making a complete switch.

Find the Best Dry Food for Small Dogs at DOG for DOG

At DOG for DOG, we know what your small dog needs to stay healthy and strong. Our corn, soy, and wheat free products are specially designed to give your tiny four-legged friend all the nutrients he needs.

All DOG for DOG products are all natural and locally sourced, so you can be confident that your dog is eating only the finest quality food. Our products, such as DOGSFOOD Pork & Brown Rice and DOGSFOOD Grain Free with Ocean Fish & Salmon are not only delicious, but also serve as the best dry food for small dogs due to the health benefits offered. Our products are also AFFCO certified for all life stages.

At DOG for DOG we think every dog deserves to eat a balanced diet, so for every bag you purchase, we donate an equal amount to a local pet shelter or rescue organization in need.