Over the course of our company’s existence, we have been fortunate to have a loyal customer base that has allowed us to make countless donations to animal shelters and rescue foundations all across the USA and Canada. For every item that someone purchases, we make an equal donation to a dog in need. However, we could not accomplish what we set out to do without the help of dog food distributors here in the United States and Canada.

Help Us Continue to Make a Difference

In order to continue carrying out our mission, we need the support of retailers and suppliers on both the national and local levels. While we have already established partnerships, we are constantly looking for new dog food distributors and other ways to increase our reach to help even more of our canine friends. If you are a retailer of pet food and pet supplies, we would love to hear from you. If you’re interested, please contact us and we can begin the partnership process.

Numerous Benefits for You and Your Customers

When you sell DOG for DOG items in your stores, you give your customers the option to purchase some of the best dog food products anywhere on the market. All of our products are made of only the highest-quality natural ingredients. Our food choices include dry dog food kibble that is both delicious and healthy for dogs in all stages of life. We also offer a unique selection of dog treats, from our own DOGSTREATS to our specialty DOGSBUTTER, a natural and nutritious peanut butter that is free of added sugar, fat, and hydrogenated oils. Our selections for canine cuisine are second to none!

Not only will your customers love our products and the benefits that will come to their dogs, but our donation policy is also very rewarding. We believe that if you love one dog, then you’re a lover of all dogs. When customers learn that they can help out a dog in need simply by buying food for their own dog, they get an extra sense of satisfaction in their purchase.

Partner With DOG for DOG

If you’re a pet food retailer and want to partner with DOG for DOG, please contact us today. Your customers will love the healthy options, while the dogs will love the tasty flavors. Plus, you’ll be able to tell them that with every purchase, they are helping out a dog in need. While our mission is simple, the work required to accomplish it is just getting started. In order to see our mission through, we need dog food distributors on our team. Consider joining the DOG for DOG movement today and start giving dogs everywhere a chance at a healthy and happy life.

The DOG for DOG movement is spreading fast. Our partners are working hard to help dogs in need. Join the movement on Facebook, Twitter or sign up for updates to follow our partners and their efforts.

Snoop “I have multiple dogs and I am in full support of this movement”

Buble “I am passionate about helping dogs in need and that is why I buy DOG for DOG”

-Michael Buble