Pets for Patriots sets record for dog food donations

Pets for Patriots sets record for dog food donations

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Buddy is among many recipients of dog food donations through a record-setting campaign with DOG for DOG, makers of high quality, all natural, made in the USA pet food. The company ran a one-month promotion to benefit Pets for Patriots, and Buddy and his veteran Michael would like to say, “Thank you.”

Buddy DFD 2

For every purchase, the company donates an equal amount of their dog food to help pets in need. Our promotion with them was such a success that it shattered their one-month sales record through their Amazon store and yielded a whopping 101 bags of donated food.

At our request, DOG for DOG sent a full pallet – more than 900 pounds of food – to Humane Society of Pinellas, our partner shelter where Michael and Buddy adopted one another. The remaining 36 bags were delivered to Michael for Buddy’s enjoyment, and should last him til November 2016.


We chose Buddy to be our special canine recipient for a very special reason.

Shortly after Michael adopted the seven year-old dog, it was discovered that Buddy had a chronic skin condition. He was in constant distress with open sores on his body, and the medication to treat his medical problem is very expensive and in limited supply. Michael, an Air Force veteran, asked us for help. With his limited income he knew he could not afford Buddy’s care, but was heartbroken at the prospect of surrendering his new friend back to the shelter.

Pets for Patriots was determined to keep Michael and Buddy together.

Through an online fundraiser we generated enough donations to pay for Buddy’s medication for at least a year. Around the same time, DOG for DOG approached us about the one-month promotion, and we thought their all natural food would complement Buddy’s medical therapy. We checked with his veterinarian, who gave us the “paws up.”

We’re grateful to everyone who helped Buddy’s cause – whether by donation, by purchasing Dog for Dog food, or by sharing his need with their friends – and we thank DOG for DOG for their generous gift not just to Buddy, but to the homeless dogs at Humane Society of Pinellas.

P.S. Buddy loves his new food!

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