DOG for DOG Wants to Save Your Shelter

DOG for DOG Wants to Save Your Shelter

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Who’s ready to see some rescue and shelter spaces get a DOG for DOG DIY makeover? We’re crazy excited to announce our new unscripted television show, Save Our Shelter. How did our founder, Rocky Kanaka, get so inspired that he launched a company AND a television show to help pets in need? Read on to find out, and hear more about our adventures!

It all started with our founder, Rocky Kanaka, who has always had a passion for pets and working in the pet space, starting with his business The Dog Bakery. Through local in-store events, he was awakened to the massive problem of pet homelessness in the US and he wanted to find a way to do more to give back. He started by donating proceeds from his store as well as hosting pet adoptions but the impact was just not big enough. That’s how DOG for DOG started, as a way to give back and provide great nutrition to dogs in shelters awaiting their forever home. Through DOG for DOG, Rocky was able to connect more with the local dog and cat rescue and shelter community, and see the resources needed to help these great communities grow.

The opportunity to create a show came around and Save Our Shelter was born! The recently debuted series follows Rocky, along with renovation specialist Rob North, as they hit the road to help breathe new life into animal shelters and rescue facilities across North America. With their powers combined, they make the perfect doggie renovation team! In each episode, the show’s hosts engage the local community including volunteers, contractors, and industry experts, as they revitalize rescues and shelters as they work to get as many pets adopted as possible. Each episode includes one of Rocky’s heath, training, and adoption related pet parent tips. Our hope is that the show gives an inside look at what’s happening with rescues and shelters all across the country, inspiring you to become involved!

Save Our Shelter is more than a TV show, it’s a movement to care for homeless pets across the U.S. and Canada. We believe in supporting the amazing people that are saving our communities’ animals every hour of every day. We do this by donating our time, donating healthy dog food, mobilizing volunteers, and getting the word out about the state of rescue pets. An estimated 8 million pets enter U.S. shelters every year and only 4 million ever find homes. We know this has to change! At the same time, adoption rates are on the rise thanks to over 13,000 animal welfare organizations across the U.S. and Save Our Shelter is dedicated to educating the public on pet overpopulation and supporting those that are making a difference.

While educating audiences about pet-related topics, each episode culminates in a big reveal and a special pet finding its forever home. Think of it as a DIY makeover show for your favorite creatures! The featured shelters all go away with a giant supply of DOGSFOOD™, along with other gifts from our partners. Pretty sweet, right!? You can catch the show on The CW as part of One Magnificent Morning––check your local listings to get an exact time in your area!

We hope the show will inspire you to get involved in your own dog community and find ways to help rescues and shelters working to save animals locally. The shelters and rescues featured on Save Our Shelter are just the tip of the iceberg, as there are thousands of communities big and small working to save shelter dogs and find them forever homes. Whether you choose to volunteer, donate supplies or foster an animal, know that every little bit helps in the overall mission to get as many dogs and cats adopted as possible.

Learn more here, and check out a video Rocky made to announce the show below. In it, he describes what the show is all about in his own words.

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