Why We’re Working with Centinela Feed to Help Dogs & Owners in Need

Why We’re Working with Centinela Feed to Help Dogs & Owners in Need

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ANNOUNCEMENT –  Centinela Feed has joined the DOG for DOG mission, and you can now find DOG for DOG food & treats in every one of their Southern California locations.

When you purchase any DOG for DOG at Centinela, an equal amount of dog food is donated to dogs in need at Downtown Dog Rescue and to families in need through their Shelter Intervention program. This program is revolutionary and in August alone, 95 pets were prevented from entering the South LA Shelter.


To celebrate, September 12-20 Centinela Feed is doubling the food donation as part of their yearly #FOODFRENZY. Join the mission this week and make your donation count!  Support Downtown Dog Rescue by purchasing DOG for DOG DOGSFOOD, DOGSTREATS and DOGSBUTTER at Centinela Feed!


Meet Casper, one of the many rescue dogs that receive DOUBLE the donation when you purchase DOG for DOG DOGSFOOD during Centinela Feed’s #FoodFrenzy this week.


Casper is a deaf puppy that was brought to the Downey shelter by a heartbroken owner that had to give Casper up for financial reasons. Thanks to Downtown Dog Rescue Casper never saw the inside of the Downey Shelter and instead is living at their beautiful rescue center, safe and waiting for the perfect home.

When we see dogs like Casper given a chance at a new life with a new family, it’s easy to see why we support Downtown Dog Rescue. And you can, too! With every purchase of DOG for DOG treats and food from a Centinela Feed, an equal amount of healthy food is donated to DDR’s dogs in need –– pop in before the 20th and they will double that donation, giving two meals to dogs in need!

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